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    "!smita!" <> Jun 20 08:52PM +0530  

    Dear All,
    I have a html website i want to add chat window in that website is it
    possible. And which one is best and how can i deploy it can anybody help me
    with regards to this.


    "" <> Jun 20 09:15PM +0430  

    Hi Smita,
    I have been using Live Zilla free version from a couple of years
    ( It is a desktop version and in my view it is the
    best solution out there for your need. You just have to download the
    free version & install it on your system. Then you have to create a
    database in your domain and link it through the installed application.
    It generates a code which will have to be inserted in the pages you wish
    to monitor. This creates a chat button in the web page.
    The windows application sits quietly in your taskbar and shows a popup
    whenever someone visits the pages of your website in which the code has
    been inserted. If the visitor clicks on the chat button, you can accept
    it and chat with them. The free version has simple monitoring facility.
    The paid version has many features such as live geo-location indication
    of the visitors, multiple chat members, etc.
    Best of luck
    Ahmed Khan
    On 20-Jun-12 7:52 PM, !smita! wrote:


    Bhushan Parikh <> Jun 15 06:18PM +0530  

    hello friends,
    i need help regarding 301 code,
    my client has changedURL of the website means from old to new URL,
    so how can i set 301 code for thet, as well as in what to so next in google
    webmaster tool
    Thanks and Regards


    Ravi Kumar Datti <> Jun 20 07:15PM +0530  

    What is the website URL?
    What platform are you using for the website?
    Dynamic or Ecommerce?
    Any CMS?
    - Ravi


    Pritesh Javheri <> Jun 18 12:24AM -0700  

    *Dear Friends,*
    *Please help me. I tried to apply for Google Adsense but they disapproved
    my application.* *Reason for disapproval: Unacceptable site content.*
    * *
    *I really don't understand why there is a problem with my site's content.
    Also I have already taken care that my site's content should not be
    * *
    *I read Google's guidelines but I don't seem to find an answer to why my
    blog has unacceptable site content. *
    *My website is : *
    *Please help me to get rid of this issue.*


    vikas kumar <> Jun 12 09:01PM +0530  

    you have just near abut 2 to 4 days first it ll loose its position frm near
    abut 10 to 20 after that it ll totally vanish.. nd ll fall in no mans
    land.. hope u got it.. cheerss.eee
    On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Krishna Chaitanya <


    Sachin Thorat <> Jun 14 10:45AM +0530  

    Hi Freinds,
    Hope all are doing well...
    I am submitting single article on 20-30 article websites so my query is
    does it harmful for my website? am I doing a spamming as per Google Panda?
    Kind Regards,
    Sachin Thorat.


    Nisha Tiwari <> Jun 12 03:28PM +0530  

    Could anybody provide me the link of latest panda algorithms?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Nisha Tiwari <>


    vikas kumar <> Jun 12 08:58PM +0530  

    hey dude check ur backlink as quick as u can remove all spaming links only
    theme related links valid .. all paid nd footer links, blog commenting
    in now spam area so make sure u r site is not falling in that area ok..


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