Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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    kunal pawar <> Jun 27 05:28PM +0530  

    Hi All,
    I needed help / advice on domain transfer & changing the hosting server.
    We have a domain say which was purchased by another party & is
    hosted on their server.
    Now we are looking to get the domain name transferred to us & to host the
    site on our server.
    The site is developed in Java, content on the site is managed by a CMS &
    the leads are directly stored in a LMS…The site has decent traffic & we
    don't want to loose that in this transition.
    Can someone please help me to understand the precautionary steps that will
    be essential for this domain name transfer & for changing the hosting of
    the site?
    Also help me to understand, Can Windows Server support hosting for the
    site as the site has been developed in Java or we will need a Linux Server?
    Thanks in advance.


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