Friday, June 15, 2012

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    chris walker <> Jun 14 09:16PM +0800  

    After reading the article, I believe it is not right for companies such as
    Amazon to control the TLD .books, or eBay to control .auction because they
    are generic. On the other hand, if a registrar such as Godaddy wants to
    have control of the .books, .auction, or whatever they could do that
    because books and auctions are not their main business. Businesses such as
    ABC, Amazon and Apple should be able to have their own TLD if they have
    the trademark and they want to pay for it.
    I hope ICANN uses wisdom when dealing out the TLDs


    Joe Kelly <> Jun 14 07:52AM -0700  

    If .ing ever becomes available I will be broke from purchases.


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