Thursday, May 3, 2012

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    Darshan Modi <> Apr 28 04:57PM +0530  

    Which types of services u r looking for and ready to work with u in that...
    Tell me some in details and mail me ur requirements..
    On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Shareef Mohammad <
    *Thanks & Regards,*
    *Darshan Modi*
    *SEO/PPC Engineer*
    *+91 8866871498*


    RAJ SINGH <> May 03 01:54PM +0530  

    Hello Friends,
    This is my blog. It was on top before Google penguin update. I never did
    any unethical work or black hat seo work but why my blog ranking is
    My blog address is -
    Please share your opinion regarding this matter.
    Raj Singh


    pradeep choudhary <> Apr 26 10:51PM -0700  

    Hello Seo Professionals,
    As we know that recent google update Web Spam Algorithm, This
    algorithm impact 3% search results. As we know that is not sign for
    SEO, every seo guy little worry about this update.
    Here my question is "What is the next step in seo work?" and what is
    next working strategy for SEOs?


    Pooja Bajaj <> Apr 27 10:03AM +0530  

    Thanks To all,
    I chekced on adwords traffic estimator but the CPC changes everyday.
    So its difficult to setup the budget for month.


    Sumit <> Apr 27 09:55AM +0530  

    Thanks for your suggestion, but i think relevant link exchange still make
    the sense in terms of rankings,
    Is web 2.0 tech is the best option to build backlinks?


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