Sunday, May 13, 2012

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    Artist <> May 12 06:48AM -0500  

    Hi Stuart...
    I just added the category Gothic along with some others. It's going to be
    tough to update the ones that are currently in the system, though. I see
    Gothic as Sans Serif and there is a Sans category. Roman would be serifs.
    But I agree, people understand Gothic as a style better than Sans.
    I might just wait to edit the current selection until I get a control panel
    that allows this (as opposed to doing it in MySQL with phpMyAdmin). But at
    least people will be able to select those categories should they need to,
    I don't know about a Copper Plate category. That's it's own font. Maybe
    an Engraver's category and CopperPlate can go in there with others?
    OH, you are saying to add the Copper Plate font? Yup, will do. ;)
    For the categories, I added:
    Art Deco
    Dingbats: Cartoon
    Dingbats: Icon
    Dingbats: Logo
    Dingbats: Patterns
    Dingbats: UI
    Patterned Font (Or should I change it to Textured Font?)
    Regular (Or should I delete this and change "Normal" to "Regular", which is
    already used?)
    The thing is, there were already plenty there and the block of 12,430 fonts
    that came with the package were pretty well categorized. It will be a
    future release before the software is updated to conveniently allow editing
    the existing font categories.
    I'm not sure if I should add *Modern* and *Futuristic* or not?
    Always something.
    I found out that some font artists require a link back from font archive
    distribution sites and setup a page for that. I'm hoping they will add
    that into the details for each artist in the next release.
    And some artists require the font archive to be distributed intact, so I
    have to disable some, as they want the so and so font distributed as
    Regular, Bold, Italic & Bold Italic together. But the software only
    previews one of the fonts in the archive. So bulk uploads have been
    requested, as well.
    So I am lobbying for at least those updates and some others. For now I
    have to disable some fonts that I would like to have online, but eventually
    I will.
    Doug Peters
    (605) 331-0808
    http://www.Domainers.Name http://www.PremiumBrand.Name<> <>


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