Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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    Rich <> May 30 04:12PM -0700  

    I was going to ask what is the best free alternative to Dreamweaver
    but I did a search and someone asked a simulair question. Someone
    mentioned Komondo edit. Komodo edit doesnt have a wysiwyg option like
    Dreamweaver has. So I will ask what is the best free alternative to
    Dreamweaver with a wysiwyg interface. I'd like to have both options.


    Laurel Hamrich <> May 30 07:42PM -0400  

    Hi Rich,
    Several of my clients use SeaMonkey browser to update their websites and
    like it (took less time and training than Joomla). You basically navigate
    to the page you want to edit and click Edit, and it opens up in an
    easy-to-use editor. You can also edit and save new pages locally, then
    upload later. The only issues we've run into so far have been for sites
    hosted on BlueQuartz/BlueOnyx that have user subdirectories. The built-in
    ftp doesn't understand how to get to the site root, so they have to use
    FileZilla to upload their stuff. Also, sometimes related files like linked
    PDF's don't upload automatically. If you're comfortable uploading with a
    separate ftp program, SeaMonkey works very well. And they even have a
    version for Linux :)
    Good luck!
    Laurel :)


    Joni Mueller <> May 30 04:55AM +0200  

    See below;
    Joni Mueller
    Pixelita Designs
    > addressed in Chrome on Windows...
    > #1) The logo... the I looks like a J because of the Blackletter style of
    > script.
    I agree. That is way too fanciful a font to be used in that way. If
    you are trying to brand yourself, you must be unique, of course, but
    not at the expense of legibility.
    > #2) Way too many English word misspells.
    Yes, I agree. To the OP, contact me OFFLIST. I have a B.A. in English
    and I can probably help with your grammar and spelling issues. And
    ... mo?da mo?e da mi pomogne nau?e srpski. :)
    > #3) Why wasn't I given the choice to go to the English site before the
    > Polish version loaded?
    It depends on demographics (who will be looking at your site,
    primarily), which language loads by default. @Doug, the language at
    issue here is Serbian, not Polish, just FYI. If the OP is primarily
    gearing his site toward a Serbian or Eastern European clientele, that
    language should load first.
    > #4) No padding around the textual content.
    Agreed, needs to be more "air" there. I intensely dislike the cramped
    and crowded effect of the current style.
    > #5) Way too many different styles of fonts used in the graphics. It looks
    > like a mish-mash of stuff that was collected and presented there, not a
    > themed design for a design/development company/freelancer.
    To the OP: Study some great typography sites such as ... to get an idea of what flies and
    what doesn't. But the rule of thumb should be, if in doubt: Take it
    out! Less IS more.
    > design. This is being picky, but it ia also professionalism to clean this
    > stuff up unless you are using a system with really long URLS like Google or
    > Facebook and are so popular it doesn't matter.
    Yes, you should use all lower case and no spaces if possible; rather
    use hyphens or underscores if you MUST indicate some kind of space
    > discombulates the style of the presentation. I made the same mistake when
    > I got a Video Toaster. Luckily, I took video production classes that
    > straightened Me right out.
    Yep. Ditto me and separator bars back in the late 1990s! :D


    chris walker <> May 31 01:32AM +0800  

    Now I cannot even get past the loading bar


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