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    Iris <> May 17 10:32AM -0700  

    I have a regular site ( which I am moving from a windows server
    to a linux server. The extension will change from .htm to .shtml or .php
    We are doing this so we can use css and server side includes to clean up
    the code for better SEO. We will also be adding a blog.
    We plan to use 301 redirects because of the server and extension change.
    This site has been up for 12 years and gets Google page ranks of mostly
    2-3. It has around 6000 natural back links.
    We also have a MIVA store ( which has been up since 2006
    but has poor Google Page Rankings 0-1.
    We have order buttons on which take the customers to the MIVA
    It has been suggested that we discontinue the original and use
    just the MIVA store with 301 redirects from to send the
    backlinks and traffic to the Miva store. But we are very concerned about
    losing page rankings from we no longer have and
    just have the MIVA store.
    Can anyone advise us on whether the 301 redirects will bring all the page
    rankings to (MIVA site)
    The other concern is the coding on MIVA. We are worried that the coding
    will hinder the search engine spiders, especially since it does not have
    good page rankings after being live for 6 years.
    Overall, I think that we should keep the original site and continue using
    order buttons on the original site to send customers to the MIVA store to
    purchase products so we do not lose the page rankings of the orignal
    It is a lot of work to maintain 2 sites but if we lose our rankings, it
    would be terrible.
    This is a big and scary decision to make and any advice would be
    Thank you, Iris


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