Friday, May 4, 2012

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    PRADEEP KHUTALE <> May 04 11:51AM +0530  

    Thx 2 all
    Hello Sameer Khan,
    Can you please guide us about guest blogging???


    Reg Charie <> May 03 11:27PM -0700  

    Be very careful with your link building.
    Google is on a campaign to weed out link spam.
    On the + side of link building they have turned off all the positive
    SEO factors.
    PageRank does not affect SERPs anymore and they just turned off the
    power of anchor text.
    Google wants only organic links tied with a relevant theme.
    If you are placing links on a non-relevant page they consider this as
    link spam.
    Reg Charie


    Nisha Tiwari <> May 04 11:57AM +0530  

    How to do with guest blogging? Please help.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Nisha Tiwari <>


    Whitney Segura <> May 04 09:23AM -0500  

    Go sign up at **, it's the fastest growing
    online free guest blogging community. It's done wonders for my business,
    check it out.
    - *Whitney Segura* "Things will come to those who wait, but only things
    left behind by those who hustle."


    Dina karan <> May 04 10:35AM +0530  

    I saw your blog.. nice tourist information. keep it up.


    Reg Charie <> May 03 11:30PM -0700  

    It looks like you are using automated software to build links.
    This could be the reason for your decline.
    Reg Charie


    RAJ SINGH <> May 04 04:01PM +0530  

    I use only wordpress manual theme. I did not use any software to create


    Kum Ove <> May 04 12:06PM +0530  

    Hi Friends ,
    Any body notice any Page Rank update ? Please share your views ..


    Anil Garg <> May 04 04:02PM +0530  

    Ya surely PR update is going on. It started yesterday evening here in India
    Anil Garg
    M: 9910127164


    Reg Charie <> May 03 11:42PM -0700  

    Your onpage SEO is poor.
    You are keyword stuffing in almost invisible text "India Tour, India
    Tours, Travel to India, Trip To India, Tour Operators In India"
    This is in h1 in the source code but in the smallest text on the page.
    h1 and h2 tags have teh same copy and are smaller than the h3.
    You need to learn about semantic hierarchy
    I also counted about 46 uses of the word tours on your mainpage.
    Reg Charie


    vikas kumar <> May 03 05:54PM +0530  

    the story is the same..
    focus on the old seo rules..
    that rules still working. this algorithm won't impact on ethical seo..
    On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 11:21 AM, pradeep choudhary <


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