Thursday, May 10, 2012

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    marlon reginio <> May 08 07:25PM -0700  

    contact me and i will help you


    Jo Turnbull <> May 08 04:44PM +0100  

    I do not know of anyway.
    They do not answer emails and the number is only automated


    Ashish Chauhan <> May 08 10:17PM +0530  

    Hi Janarthan,
    100% you can get back your account, follow the guidelines that you
    are violating and fill out the review form for adwords.
    BTW : Which Google guideline you have violated ??


    Kevin Symons <> May 08 06:10PM +0100  

    No.. You get one appeal and that is it. Best look at affiliate marketing.


    Ashish Chauhan <> May 09 12:02AM +0530  

    Give me your account details, I will get it back.


    Darren <> May 09 08:10AM +1000  

    How big was your budget? Where a you based?
    Why I asked, is I got a client account re activated after been suspended 3 times. It took about 3 weeks for the process to clear.
    There were benefits that helped me make the case possible.
    1. The client was spending $20k a month
    2. I am part of the google engage program ( Rang a consultant to help me out)
    Ps I live in Sydney, Australia
    Contact me offline
    Sent from my iPhone


    Blake <> May 07 05:29AM -0400  

    Page rank is crap
    Blake Schiller, SEO Specialist


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