Friday, May 25, 2012

Should I expect more from Twitter?

Hi folks,

I am seeking assistance from any individual who has good working
experience with twitter, I hope I can find someone with such knowledge
and wisdom and ability to teach me couple of things that I am lacking.

Well, I use tools like imacro/robomaker to automate my twitter
postings; on an average day I post 1000 tweets from multiple IDs and
approach around 4-5k people through their twitter IDs. If you put it
in number then it is way far than what everyone is doing and indeed it
is helping me a lot in attracting traffic towards my blog. Roughly I
get around 10-50 visits from twitter daily, which is good but I think
this isn't what I should expect from 1k tweets; another thing, that it
doesn't attract too much traffic instantly but it continues for couple
of months, as soon people view their twitter accounts, some of them
actually visit my page after 2 months!

I know there would be new comers around here at this group along with
professionals; so before anyone start calling me a spammer, let me
tell you that every tweet is different from another and contain 2-5
twitter IDs (@id1 @id2 etc) in individual tweet along with different
message. Though it is fully automatic and I check its progress every 2
hours but I bet it look natural. If anyone out here want to see what I
mean, go checkout my twitter account (

The reason for my post it to understand if is it possible for me to
get more traffic than what I am currently getting; oh, just forgot to
say that actually I am trying to get traffic at my facebook fan page
which is about sharing direct downloadable links of games, movies,
softwarez & music. Any suggestion would be highly appreciate but
before you can respond me back, I would suggest you to check my
twitter id first.

One more thing, I respond quickly if I am contacted directly through
my email.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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